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Trainz is a computer simulation by a Brisbane company Auran, for designing and operating a virtual railroad, representing a model railroad layout or a version of a real railroad. It allows track laying, scenicing the route and placement of structures and accessories. Auran provides a forum and website for free download of additional models for registered users. See the About page for more details.


Trainz Forum

Auran runs a large community based forum, my user name on that forum is Vulcan it’s a great place to get information about all the assets available for Trainz.  My website includes details and screenshots of 3D models I have designed for the Trainz community, and progress on projects under development. All my models are available on the Auran Download Station to registered users of Trainz.

Download Station

The Auran Download Station now only accepts models for the Trainz 2009 and newer versions. All recent models are compatible with TRS2009, TS2010, TS12 and Trainz a New Era versions. While I do some train models, most of my assets are scenery items, bridges, buildings, vehicles of all kinds, and there is now a growing number of flyable aircraft. These models extend the possibilities of Trainz.

Project Updates.

Recent projects include models of commercial and military flyable aircraft, and helicopters. Static versions of many of the aircraft are available.

Additional support models include the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, an International airport, and a number of smaller airports and runways. The aircraft use keyboard keys to trigger various animations for realistic operation, and a special track placed trigger for additional functions. For example, helicopters use the B key to start engines and the H key to lift off.  Refer to the projects page for details on available models and functions.

Most recent models available include the Boeing 787, 777, DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Turbo Otter,  and Canadair 415 aircraft. A tutorial on Re-skinning aircraft by Rob725 is uploaded, refer to the tutorial pages.

I have also started a new page covering the concept of Model Railroadz, making a HO scale Trainz layout in a room. The room models are made 87 times larger than the trains, and I am building my actual model railroad layout into Trainz – see this page for information:  Model Railroadz

All my models are available from the Auran Download Station or through Content Manager. Click on this button on any page to take you to the Auran Download Station to download the models.

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