The Aircraft Action trigger is available to place on the track to trigger animations on the aircraft. The trigger is set to a number corresponding to the animation (action) numbers for the particular aircraft. The trigger sends messages to the aircraft script to do an action, to sound an aircraft announcement for example, or to trigger an animation such as moving wing flaps or operating missiles.

Number 1 operates the Horn (H), number 2 operates the Bell (B), and number 3 operates the Sanding function (V) – the corresponding keyboard keys which can be used are shown in brackets. There are no other keyboard keys available for the user to operate more functions, so the track trigger is used to extend the functionality of aircraft scripting.

Numbers 4 to 10 are used to trigger other specialised animations, these have different effects for different aircraft, for example, on landing, number 4 may trigger smoke and tyre squeal.

Because the same number may trigger flaps on commercial aircraft but missiles on military aircraft, different track or runways could be used for each, two are available. Additionally, the trigger can be set to train priority, so if commercial and military aircraft are given a different priority, the trigger will ignore inappropriate aircraft on the same runway.

Refer to each aircraft config file description to see which number corresponds to which effect on the aircraft, and in Surveyor, after placing a trigger on the track, click on it with the question mark button to open a screen explaining how to set the trigger numbers.

Aircraft Action Trigger   kuid2:76656:24050:1

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