Two runway models in bitumen and concrete surfacing are available. They are 1000 metres long and have four attached tracks, one for normal take off, one for short takeoff, one for landing and one for touch and go operations.

It is an industry model, so under AI, you can direct the aircraft to various stopping positions, taxiway on hold, take off hold, landing stop and taxiway off hold for both the normal takeoff track and a short takeoff track.

You need to place speed limits to control the taxi speed of aircraft, my invisible speed signs are suitable. You need signaling for use under AI.

Airport Runway Lights

The runway has night lighting, in the second image above the Singapore Airlines A380 version is landing at night.

Runway Attached Tracks

The four tracks on the runway (the white area) are close to the centreline. They have appropriate slopes for approach glide slope and take off incorporated.

The diagram shows how the attached tracks are arranged:
Blue: landing
Green: takeoff track
Red: touch and go
Purple: short takeoff

You need to place your own invisible track to connect, make a return loop and junctions to change over to the different tracks.

Airport Runway Bitumen Surface kuid2:60238:38581:2
Airport Runway Concrete Surface kuid2:60238:38588:1