An Australian F111C number A8-144 in camouflage. It has:

automatically retracting landing gear; automatic sweep back of the wings;
missiles using the B key;
flares using the V key;
tyre squeal on landing, using the track trigger number 4 setting;
Gatling gun using the H key – note the Gatling gun option was removed from the Australian versions;
night afterburner using the light key L.

F-111C Afterburner

This effect kicks in automatically at 400 kph. I think it is quite realistic.

Note the missiles on the swept wing are also rotated to face the correct direction as the wing sweep angle changes.

There are two liveries available, the camouflage and an RAAF grey.

F-111C Afterburner at Night

While the afterburner can be seen at night, there is an additional brighter effect operated by the light key L. This superimposes on the day effect and there is some realistic flicker in the effect.

Note that the use of the night effect is independent of speed and remains visible at any speed. It does not show if turned on during the day.

Since the AI turns on the lights when an aircraft moves, the night afterburner effect will be on at all times under AI unless you turn them off – in Driver Ctrl Right click and set Lights to “Off”.

F-111C Drag Chute

The F-111 has a drag chute, deployed by the trigger number 5 setting. It lasts for 8 seconds then vanishes.