The models of the Boeing 737 operate on invisible track and will load passengers at a suitable landing area. The real aircraft has a top speed of 876 kph and an all up weight of 28,100 kg. It can carry 96 passengers.

The aircraft have an automatically operating landing gear. This retracts at takeoff speed (240 kph) set in the script. It lowers at speeds below 240kph. The speeds for tilting and landing gear retraction on takeoff may be altered in the string table – speeds are in kph.

They do not have an operating interior, but do have various exterior views based on an invisible interior, use the [ and ] keys from the interior view. The aircraft will load and unload passengers at suitable airports.

 Animated Actions

  • operate the wing flaps, use the V key, or trigger setting 3;
  • tyre smoke on landing, use trigger setting 4;
  • night lighting uses the L key, no trigger key;
  • horn sound (H) is a welcome aboard sound.

There are seven models available for the 737 Each has operating landing gear and wing flaps.

Boeing 737-838 Qantas  kuid2:60238:9584:1
Boeing 737-8K2 KLM  kuid2:60238:9588:1
Boeing 737-8FE Virgin Blue  kuid2:60238:9787:1
Boeing 737-8AS Rayanir  kuid2:60238:9790:1
Boeing 737-3U3 Air New Zealand  kuid2:60238:9785:1
Boeing 737-436 British Airways  kuid2:60238:9789:1
Boeing 737_824 Continental Airlines  kuid2:60238:9786:1

There are also a number of static models available.