The Boeing CH-47 Chinook is an American twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. The Chinook was designed and initially produced by Boeing Vertol in the early 1960s.

It has a top speed of 170 knots (196 mph, 315 km/h.) It is is still in production and front line service with over 1,179 built to date. Its primary roles include troop movement, artillery emplacement and battlefield resupply. It has a wide loading ramp at the rear of the fuselage and three external-cargo hooks.

 The Chinook models are in Australian colours, for the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force. They will load products and passengers, and Jeeps by creator Vinnybarb. This model has new animation functions, allowing it to fly like a helicopter without the need of a vertical lift table.

When initially placed, the rotors are stationary. Use the B key to start up the engines. Press the H key and the helicopter will lift 15 metres into the air. When landing, use the H key to float down and the B key to stop engines on touch down.

The rear cargo door operates on the V key and the winch operates on trigger setting 5.

Chinook RAAF  kuid2:60238:9670:1
Chinook Aust Army  kuid2:60238:9700:1
Chinook Aust Army Static  kuid2:60238:26288:1
Chinook RAAF Static  kuid2:60238:26289:1