The Concorde inĀ  Air France, Singapore Airlines and British Airways livery are available.

While the real aircraft has a top speed of about Mach 2.04, the aircraft in Trainz has a maximum speed of about 580kph, it is too difficult to achieve higher speeds and have control over the aircraft.

Concorde Landing

The Concorde has a long nose making it difficult to see during landing, an aircraft with the delta wing profile needs to land at a high flare angle. The nose of the concorde may be lowered or drooped during landing and take off. For high speed travel the Concorde has a blast screen that lifts into place to protect the windscreen and pilots.

The model aircraft flares on landing (B key or trigger setting 2) and the nose droops and the screen visor lowers (V key or trigger setting 3).

One model is a fictional Qantas colour scheme.

Concorde British Airways kuid2:60238:9595:1
Concorde Singapore Airlines kuid2:60238:9586:1
Concorde Air France kuid2:60238:9594:1
Concorde Qantas (fictional) kuid2:60238:9765:1