The joint fighter project for Britain and Europe. The Typhoon is a multi-role fighter with air-to-ground capabilities. The aircraft has entered service with the GermanLuftwaffe, the British Royal, Ialian, Spanish, Austrian and Royal Saudi Air Forces. It uses voice controp for some functions, has a top speed of 2,495 km/h at altitude and a range of 2,900 km.

The aircraft can carry a wide range of missiles and bombs, the Trainz model is able to load suitable missiles to the hardpoints. Some of these are animated.

The picture show the Typhoon ready for takeoff, flying overhead and under afterburner, firing missiles.

Animated Actions

  • horn sound H key is a machine gun firing, or trigger setting 1;
  • fire the Paveway missiles (default setup to the Missiles animated inner position) – use the B key, or trigger setting 2;
  • fire the Sidewinder missiles (default setup to the Missiles animated outer position) – use the V key, or trigger setting 3;
  • tyre smoke on landing, use trigger setting 4;
  • drag chute deployment for normal landing, use trigger setting 5;
  • activate flares from the rear of the aircraft, use trigger setting 6;
  • deploy refuelling probe, use trigger setting number 10.

Eurofighter Typhoon   Kuid2:60238:9723:1