The largest USAF cargo aircraft, has operating cargo doors and will load military tanks, jeeps and general cargo products.

Lockheed C5A Galaxy Front Doors

The front cargo doors operate using the B key. The rear doors use the V key.

Ramps are extended when the doors open.

Lockheed C5A Galaxy Airdrop

The aircraft is able to drop a parachute load from the rear doors. The load is one of the jeep products made from the excellent models by Vinnybarb, with permission. You need to open the rear doors first, then the drop is triggered by the Horn key H. Tthe door operation may be manually controlled using the V key.

For automatic operation, I suggest you set up track triggers along the flight path, the first is set to trigger setting 3 to open the rear doors, then place more triggers along the path set to trigger setting 1, these will deploy the load from the rear of the aircraft, multiple spaced triggers may be used.

You would then require another trigger set to 3 to close the doors.