The specially marked Australian aircraft has landing lights and exhaust flares at night and the following animations:

Automatically retracting landing gear;
Paveway missiles using the B key;
Sidewinder missiles using the V key;
Gun using the H key;
Tyre squeal on landing, using trigger 4;
Deploys drag chute, trigger 5;
Activate flares from the tail, trigger 6;
Deploys the tail hook, trigger 7;
Catapult takeoff trigger 8;
Wing tips fold for carrier operations, trigger 10;
Air refueling probe extension, trigger 9.

There is an aircraft for operations on an aircraft carrier. It has a tail hook for landing, will operate from a carrier catapult, fires missiles and extends a refueling probe.

It can fold the wings and will launch from the carrier with the appropriate trigger settings.

FA-18s are available in Australian, Swiss and American colours, including some static models.