The Osprey V22 tilts the wing mounted engines to act as a helicopter or fly like a normal plane. The blades are a large diameter so that on the ground, when running, they must tilt upwards or they would cut into the ground.

While the image show the rotors apparently stopped, they do rotate very effectively in Trainz. The tips of the rotors glow at night.

The model has been updated to use the new startup and liftoff options, using the B and H keys. It can load cargo and has operating doors at the rear.

Osprey Tilt Sequence

The tilt mechanism operates automatically, based on the speed of the aircraft. The third picture shows the various blade positions for the tilt rotor, from helicopter through to forward flight.

While the real aircraft can take off vertically, for larger payloads it uses a short take off run with the blades at a steep angle. You need to keep your speed down when taking off so the automatic engines and blades do not rotate too far to dig into the runway!