boeing747_100 boeing747_101

The aircraft will load passengers, and has animated retractable landing gear, but no interiors.

The Boeing 747-400 is a major development and the best-selling model of the Boeing 747 family of jet airliners. While retaining the four-engine wide-body layout of its predecessors, the 747-400 embodies numerous technological and structural changes to produce a more efficient airframe. Its most distinguishing features versus preceding 747 models are 6 feet (1.8 m) winglets mounted on 6 feet (1.8 m) wing tip extensions, which are found on all 747-400s except for Japanese domestic market versions.

For the model aircraft:

  • to operate the wing flaps, use the B key or trigger setting 2;
  • horn sound,  H key or trigger setting 1;
  • night lighting, L key;
  • tyre and smoke from the wheels on landing, use trigger setting 4.

Boeing 747-400 Air New Zealand  kuid2:60238:9552:2
Boeing 747- 243 Alitalia  kuid2:60238:9550:2
Boeing 747- 400 British Airways  kuid2:60238:9555:2
Boeing 747- 400 KLM  kuid2:60238:9558:2
Boeing 747- 400 Lufthansa  kuid2:60238:9554:2
Boeing 747- 400 Qantas  kuid2:60238:9549:2
Boeing 747- 400 United Airlines  kuid2:60238:9553:3
Boeing 747 – 2G4B VC25 Air Force One  kuid2:60238:9551:3

There are also a number of static models of these aircraft.

Many of my aircraft are reskinned by others in the Trainz community. Here are the Boeing 747 Evergreen International firefighting aircraft by Rob725. For these models, the H key is used to release the water. The 2004 and 2006 drop water and the 2009 drops red retardant. Note these models are 100 and 200 series, the 200 version does not drop water.

boeing747egreenst102 boeing747egreenst101 boeing747egreen100

 Boeing 747-100 Evergreen International 947 (2004)  kuid2:590184:100283:2
Boeing 747-100 Evergreen Supertankerl 947 (2006)
Boeing 747-100 Evergreen Supertanker 949 (2009)
Boeing 747-200 Evergreen International N481EV