A Short Sunderland Flying boat VH-BRC of Ansett.  The Sunderland was used for operation by Ansett airlines from Rose Bay Sydney to Lord Howe Island. The aircraft had a top speed of 210 mph (336 kph) and an all up weight of 26332 kg.

For the model, the propellors are constant speed, simulated blades.  It operates on invisible track 3 metres above water level. The Aircraft Action Trigger, kuid:76656:24050 when placed on track and set to trigger number 4 setting, will issue water spray and sound from the floats on landing.

The aircraft will load or unload passengers at my City Cat landings. A new track further from the dock has been added to the landing models for this aircraft.

The model is based on the original mesh by Dreddmann, used with permission.

Sunderland Flying Boat Ansett  kuid2:60238:9540:4