This is the aerobatic version of the Tiger Moth aircraft. Using the V key it does a 360 degree anticlockwise roll then a clockwise 360 roll back again.

Using the B key, it does a 360 degree snap roll, pausing at each 90 degrees. The Aircraft Action trigger on the invisible track can also be set to number 3 and 2 to trigger these automatically.

Three commercial paint schemes are available, refer to the Military page for a camouflage version.

The second image shows the aerobatic model doing a roll just before landing, I haven’t seen the pilot lately, I think he was grounded after that one!

Tiger Moth Aerobatic  kuid2:60238:9579:1
Tiger Moth Aerobatic 2  kuid2:60238:9580:1
Tiger Moth Aerobatic 3  kuid2:60238:9615:1