The military aircraft carry missiles as products. They may be transported as products in aircraft such as the Hercules C-130, or mounted on hardpoint on some aircraft, the Eurofighter Typhoon, the F-14 Tomcats and the Apache AH-64 helicopter, for example. The missile mix includes fuel tanks as products. The Air Force Airport model also processes the missile products.


Hardpoints on the Aircraft

The mix of missiles on the aircraft can be altered by the user, using the “?” button in Surveyor to set the requirements in the pop up menu. Some of the missiles are animated (fired from the aircraft),  activated by keys or triggers. See the individual aircraft models for missile mix and location of hardpoints. The picture shows the hardpoint locations on the Typhoon.

Missile Selection in Surveyor

The popup menu in Surveyor is where different missiles may be selected for mounting on the various hard points of the aircraft. Missiles available are based on what the particular aircraft carries, and where it is usually mounted on the aircraft. For instance, a cruise missile would only be carried under the fuselage for the Eurofighter.

The aircraft will not unload missiles at the Air Force airport model, but if the aircraft has unloaded hardpoints or is left “clean” it will load missiles when stopped at the airport.

Western Missiles

 Fuel Tank  Small  kuid2:60238:70026:1
 Fuel Tank Large  kuid2:60238:70022:1
 Hellfire  AGM-114  kuid2:60238:70029:1
 Hellfire Pod  kuid2:60238:70028:1
 Hydra Pod  70  kuid2:60238:70030:1
 Matra Pod  R.550  kuid2:60238:70027:1
 Maverick  AGM-65  kuid2:60238:70019:1
 Paveway  GBU-24  kuid2:60238:70017:1
 Paveway 2  GBU-37  kuid2:60238:70020:1
 Pheonix  AIM-54  kuid2:60238:70024:1
 Python 5  AAM  kuid2:60238:70021:1
 Sidewinder  AIM-9  kuid2:60238:70018:1
 Sparrow  AIM-7  kuid2:60238:70025:1
 Storm Shadow Cruise  kuid2:60238:70023:1
 Aim-120  AIM-120  kuid2:60238:70042:1
 Harpoon  AGM-84  kuid2:60238:70043:1
 GBU-31  GBU-31  kuid2:60238:70045:1
 SSU-14A  kuid2:60238:70047:1
 LAU-59A  kuid2:60238:70046:1
 Aspide   kuid2:60238:70048:1

Russian Missiles

There is also a set of Russian missiles for the Mig-29 and Sukhoi aircraft.


AA-2 Atoll  kuid2:60238:70037:1
AA-8 Aphid  kuid2:60238:70032:1
AA-9 Amos  kuid2:60238:70036:1
AA-10 Alamo  kuid2:60238:70033:1
AA-11 Archer  kuid2:60238:70034:1
AA-12 Adder  kuid2:60238:70035:1
AS-13 Kingbolt  kuid2:60238:70041:1
AS-14 Kedge  kuid2:60238:70040:1
AS-17 Krypton  kuid2:60238:70039:1