The aircraft carrier is a scenery object with attached track for aircraft parking, landing and catapult takeoff. A user can join invisible track to the model for taxiing on deck, from landing or parking to the two catapults. The Pink track is the user placed track, the Red and Green tracks are part of the model, for parking, landing and launch tracks.

The FA-18 is suitable for operations on the carrier. Using trigger 8 setting, the catapult will launch the aircraft, with afterburners and automatic acceleration.

On landing, the tail hook deploys and the carrier brings the aircraft to an immediate stop, using trigger setting 9. If the landing speed is too fast, the aircraft will pass junction 47 and the trigger set to 12 will relaunch the aircraft for a go around.

A demonstration map and session is available showing how the triggers are set up for operation, see the Auran Download Station for those. It does not have AI operations configured, it is for manual operation.

In Surveyor, use the ? symbol from the Scenery Object menu and click on the model for a explanation page of how the track is set up on the carrier model for operations.

Aircraft Carrier USS CVN 68 Nimitz  kuid2:60238:38623:1
Aircraft Carrier Elevator Lift Table  kuid2:60238:60043:1
Helicopter Lift Table 5 invisible  kuid2:60238:60042:1
Aircraft Action Trigger  kuid2:76656:24050:1
Carrier Operations (Route)  kuid:60238:1084
Carrier Operations (Session)  kuid:60238:1085