This is a series of small airports that will handle passengers and freight. The models have buildings, control towers, fuel tanks and parking tarmac as part of the model. Each airport has three tracks or parking bays for aircraft. The smaller aircraft use the bays closest to the buildings. Some have an attached helipad. The pictures show:

A small domestic airport with three aircraft bays and a heliport for loading and unloading passengers.

A small commercial airport with three parking bays and Avgas unloading by train. It is suitable for large or small aircraft, that carry passengers or general freight. The airport loads or unloads passengers on Parking Bay 1, unloads general freight on Parking Bay 2, loads general freight on Parking Bay 3 and unloads Aviation fuel at the train track depot.

The control towers for the airports.

Airport Domestic  kuid2:60238:38577:1
Airport Commercial  kuid2:60238:38580:2