There are a number of products available for use with the aircraft. During aircraft construction fuselage sections are transported on flat cars. Two models of Boeing B-737 fuselages are available as products for placement on special flat cars.

As the sections often extend beyond the flat car, a clearance car is used under the extension, and a long and a short version are available as rollingstock.

Scenery versions of the fuselages are available.

 Fuselage 1  Product  Kuid2:60238:70013:1
 Fuselage 2  Product  Kuid2:60238:70014:1
 Fuselage 1  Scenery  Kuid2:60238:26305:1
 Fuselage 2  Scenery  Kuid2:60238:26306:1
 Flatcar  Rollingstock  Kuid2:60238:15075:1
 Clearance Flat Car  Rollingstock  Kuid2:60238:15076:1
 Clearance Flat Car Short  Rollingstock  Kuid2:60238:15077:1