The Hawker Harrier vertical takeof (jump jet) is a close support fighter. Used by the RAF, the Sea Harrier version was used by the Royal Navy. A larger variant was used by the United States Marines as the AV8 series. While it can take off vertically this limits the payload so a short takeoff run is usually employed.

The models are of the British GR Mk1 version and the AV8B USMC version. The American version carries more weapons than the British one.

The model lifts off using the H key, the engine nozzles rotate as the aircraft accelerates. the wing tip wheels retract to trail backwards in flight. Initially the aircraft is fully configured with appropriate missiles, the user can change the missile mix in Surveyor.

Missiles are fired using the B and V keys, other aircraft carrier functions such as catapult launch and trapping on landing are operated by track triggers. Refer to the Aircraft Products page for details on loading the aircraft.

Harrier GR Mk1   kuid2:60238:9725:1
Harrier AV8B VMA513   kuid2:60238:9727:1
Harrier AV8B VMA644   kuid2:60238:9726:1