Transport aircraft such as the Hercules, Chinook, Osprey and the Galaxy are able to carry loads. These loads are products in Trainz, missiles are discussed in the Missiles post.

While any load can be added to a suitable aircraft in Surveyor, I have a number of special loads suitable for the types of aircraft I have made. Three such loads are the D9 dozer, Jeeps and the Abrams Tank. The military airport will display these loads on the tarmac awaiting transport. The Hercules will carry the larger loads, picture two shows the Dozer loaded on the Hercules. The Osprey will carry the smaller Jeep loads.

Jeep USA Grey product  kuid2:60238:70012:1
Jeep US Army product  kuid2:60238:70010:1
Jeep RAAF product  kuid2:60238:70011:1
Caterpillar D9R Dozer Product  kuid2:60238:70006:1
Abrams M1 Military Tank Product  kuid2:60238:70008:2