The Westland Sea King is licence-built based on the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter and is widely used for antisubmarine work and sea rescue.  It has a top speed of about 208 km/h and a range of 1,230 km.

These models are based on the Mk-50A version used by the Australian naval forces, the Sokorsky UH-3H used by the US Navy, and the MK-48 used by the Belgian Air Force Rescue Service.  They have the new startup functions and liftoff using the B and H keys. The side door opens using the V key and they will load passengers. Refer to the Track Trigger section for further details on use of keys and triggers.

Sea King Australia Kuid2:60238:9731:1
Sea King US Kuid2:60238:9730:1
Sea King Belguim Kuid2:60238:9729:2