The model has a number of animation for launching aircraft: It has animated launch figures, the blast doors raise, and the aircraft launch deck bubble is animated. The aircraft action trigger should be placed on the tracks and configured to operate various aircraft animations, such as landing stops, take off, and aircraft folding wings for example. See the individual aircraft models, such as the FA18 and E2D hawkeye aircraft, for the trigger settings.

Take Off

Triggers are placed on the track on the deck to operate animations. Taxi an aircraft slowly to one of the catapults (both operate), the trigger will stop the aircraft,lowere the launch bar to contact the catapult, raise the blast screen then launch the aircraft when the deck operateors signal.

The Elevator

The aircraft elevator on the side of the carrier can be hidden and replaced by the animated lift table model, kuid2:60238:60043:1, to raise aircraft from the hangar to the flight deck. The selection box for hiding or displaying the elevator is in the Help screen in Surveyor – click the ? on the model.

While you can place an alternate invisible lift table under the deck for helicopters, the new helicopters are able to lift off using the H key (hover) so a lift table is no longer necessary.

Night Landing

The aircraft land on the angled deck, the image shows a night landing. If the speed is low enough, the tail hook will be lowered and the placed triggers will stop to aircraft. It can then be taxied to a parking bay on the deck or to a catapult for launch. If the speed is too high, the aircraft will be a “bolter” and the trigger will accelerate it to flying speed and it can go around again for another try.