The Air Tractor AT-802 is an agricultural aircraft that may also be adapted for fire-fighting. It first flew in the United States in October 1990 and is manufactured by Air Tractor Inc.. The AT-802 carries a chemical hopper between the engine firewall and the cockpit and another one under the belly. In the U.S., it is considered a Type III SEAT, or Single Engine Air Tanker.

The AT-802/802A is the world’s largest single engine aircraft, made by Air Tractors of Olney, Texas as a cropduster aircraft.

With a payload of 9,500 lbs, the AT-802A provides more working capacity than any other single-engine ag plane. Its power, speed and payload delivers large operation efficiencies.

The model uses the B key to start engines, and will emit spray from the aircraft using the V key or the Aircraft Action Trigger setting 3.

Typically, set up a crop field in Trainz and make a number of parallel invisible tracks say 10 metres above ground with return loops at each end. Place Action Triggers at both ends of the field on each of the straight tracks. These will turn on or turn off the spray if set to setting 3. Realistic performance can be achieved if the return loops are tight and steep at the ends of the crops.

You will need to set the track derailment in Surveyor to “none” for the tight turns or the aircraft will derail at full speed. Change this in the Edit Sessions, Quick Drive Rule in  Surveyor

The aircraft requires some servicing facitilities so the hangar above is made to suit. It has a helipad and is able to accept and load avgas, general goods and crop spray chemicals.

The video of the demo map used for testing the aircraft shows the operation of the crop spraying using track triggers:

Air Tractor AT802  kuid2:60238:9773:1
Aircraft Hangar 2  kuid2:60238:38646:1
Bulk Crop Chemicals  kuid2:60238:70044:1

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