The AT-802F is a fast, agile single engine air tanker, designed for rapid response firefighting. Powered by the reliable PT6A-67AG turbine engine, the AT-802F has a ferry speed of almost 200 m.p.h. Because the turbine engine requires no warm-up time, an AT-802F pilot can take on a full 820-gallon load and be in the air, headed for the front lines in as few as five minutes after receiving a dispatch.

The 802F can land on short dirt strips, land with floats on nearby lakes, even work from county roads a few miles from the fire to dramatically reduce ferry times to and from the front lines. This short-field performance capability, fast ferry speeds and rapid turnaround on the ground can make a big difference when response time is critical.

The model is the AT802F fitted with floats for land or water operation.

Initially the engines are stopped, use the B key to start or stop engines. The aircraft when first placed has the wheels down for land operation, invisible track on land and water should be at ground level, say level zero, water level is then -3 metres. When in Driver, press the H key and the wheels will retract and the aircraft will lower to the water level.

Key and Trigger Operation

The aircraft has a number of animations that can be operated by keyboard keys, or the Aircraft Action Trigger, kuid:76656:24050, when placed on track and set to the correct number:

  • start engines, B key;
  • tyre smoke on landing, use trigger setting 4;
  • retract or lower wheels for opertaion on land or water, H key or trigger setting 2;
  • drop water for water bombing for 5 seconds, V key or trigger setting 3.

Air Tractor AT802F Firefighter kuid2:60238:9775:1
Aircraft Hangar 2 kuid2:60238:38646:1

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