Rega is a privately run, non-profit foundation, providing rescue services in Switzerland.

The operations performed by the Lausanne base include road and sports accidents, interhospital transfer flights and the transport of organs. The rescue helicopter flies to locations in the towns and the country, in the mountains and on and by the water. The Lausanne base flies approx. 1,000 missions per year, around a third of them at night.

A number of my Rega aircraft are available for Trainz, this is the model of the Heliport base at Lausanne to support small aircraft,  and helicopters. It is an industry model, able to load or unload passengers at the heliport, the stopping area outside the hangar and also inside the hangar.

Normally the doors are closed, they open when an aircraft approaches. If the aircraft is driven to the back of the hangar the doors will close. The user needs to place additional track in Surveyor to connect the track on the model, so junctions can be included for the aircraft or helicopter to navigate to the hangar or heliport, shown green in the picture above.

The helicopter shown is the startup model of the Eurocopter EC145 in Rega colours.

Airport Rega Lausanne  kuid2:60238:38650:1
Eurocopter EC145 Rega  kuid2:60238:9701:1

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