The General Dynamics Falcon F-16 is a fighter used in many parts of the world. This is the F-16D version.

The aircraft can carry a range of missiles and is able to load suitable missiles to the hardpoints. Some of these are animated. You may select which missiles are loaded in Surveyor. The aircraft has an afterburner that cuts in at 600 kph automatically. Delta wings are unstable at low speeds and require the aircraft to flare for landing, this feature is used on this model using keys or the Aircraft Action trigger when set on the invisible track.

Aircraft models in Trainz require a shadow model, so it shows on the ground and on the aircraft surface. Unfortunately this cannot be animated to follow the animated movements of the aircraft such as when the aircraft flares (raises the noose) for landing.   This can show as a dark shading on the wings of the aircraft, and is a little unrealistic. Normally I would use an invisible shadow model however I have decided to use the shadow on these models, as it adds to the landing effect when it follows the aircraft on the ground.

The track trigger can activate the drag chute on landing, this automatically vanishes after 12 seconds.

The F-16 is used by the Thunderbirds aerobatic team, this is the F-16J version, it will fire missiles from the wingtips only, but has the other functionality of the D version model.

Animated Actions

  • horn sound H key is the cannon firing, or trigger setting 1;
  • fire the missiles in sequence, use the B key, or trigger setting 2;
  • flare the aircraft for landing or on takeoff, use the V key, or trigger setting 3;
  • tyre smoke on landing, use trigger setting 4;
  • drag chute deployment on landing, use trigger setting 5;
  • trapping on landing (instant stop), use trigger setting number 9.

General Dynamics F-16D Fighting Falcon  kuid2:60238:9790:1
General Dynamics F-16J Thunderbirds Fighting Falcon  kuid2:60238:9791:1