A Boeing C-17 Globmaster transport aircraft of the RAAF. It operates on invisible track and will load passengers, general goods, tanks or jeeps, at a suitable landing area. The aircraft is a startup model, initially the engines are off. Using the B key, the engines will start in sequence, with animated turbine blades and the front stairs will be retracted and the door closed for takeoff.

Using the H key, the rear cargo door will open and eject a jeep on a parachute. The door will then close.

The aircraft will operate under DCC or AI. Using the Aircraft Action Trigger placed on the invisible track, additional animations may be operated. For example, under DCC the speed may be reduced to 130kph for landing using trigger setting  14, and after landing it can be brought gradually to a stop using trigger setting 9.

On landing the reverse thrust deflectors can be activated using trigger setting 13.  The picture above shows the engine cowling retracted for reverse thrust, this is then closed after 10 seconds of operation. Other pictures show the detailed cockpit for day and night operation. The cockpit or cab is not functional to operate the aircraft under AI.

The flaps are deployed automatically at low speed.  Reverse thrust is used to move the real aircraft backwards, on the model it deploys when going backwards. Speeds for wheel retraction,  banking of the aircraft and flap retraction may be altered in the config file for more control over the animations.

Animated Actions

  • launch a jeep load from the rear cargo door, horn sound H key or trigger setting 1, it will open the door if not open;
  • to shut the front door and start engines, press the B key or use trigger setting 2. An engine start rule is also available for AI;
  • open or close the rear cargo doors and ramp, use the V key, or trigger setting 3;
  • tyre smoke on landing, use trigger setting 4;
  • emit defensive flares from the tail, trigger setting 6;
  • flare the aircraft for landing, trigger setting 7;
  • come to a stop on landing, trigger setting 9;
  • use reverse thrust on engines for 10 seconds, trigger setting 13;
  • set speed to 40% of maximum speed, for landing approach, trigger setting 14.

Boeing C-17 Globmaster III RAAF Startup  kuid2:60238:9798:1