The Boeing 777 is a modern wide body passenger jet aircraft, the models are of the shorter version manufactured by Boeing. These are two models for United Airlines in the United States. The third picture shows the aircraft landing with the flaps and reverse thrust operating.

The models have a number of animations activated by keys or trigger settings:

  • The B key starts the engines, the turbine fans are animated;
  • The aircraft are able to flare on landing using the V key;
  • They issue smoke from the tyres on landing if the Aircraft Action Trigger is placed on the track and set to setting 4;
  • Flaps are operated by the H key manually or trigger setting 8;
  • Additional trigger setting can slow speed for landing (setting 14, and stop the aircraft after landing (setting 9);
  • The engine retarders are operated by setting 13.

The models are the colours of United airlines, one colour scheme for the older version and one for the newer paint.

Boeing 777-222 United Airlines  kuid2:60238:9806:1
Boeing 777-222 United Airlines New Colours  kuid2:60238:9807:1
Boeing 777-336ER British Airways  kuid2:60238:9813:1
Aircraft Action Trigger  kuid:76656:24050