The McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender refueling tanker is based at Travis Airforce Base California.  The aircraft has a top speed of 996 kph and a maximum takeoff weight of 267,600 kg. It carries 4 crew & 160,200 kg of fuel. It is used for inflight refueling of other aircraft.

 The aircraft textures are provided by Rob Lawson (Rob725) and the model is listed as a reskin aircraft. Thanks Rob.

The model is designed to refuel larger aircraft such as the C-5A Galaxy and the C-17 Globemaster aircraft. It does not couple with the fighters. It has engine startup and can lift above the track in order that other aircraft may couple to the refueling probe extended from the rear of the aircraft. Images show the C-17 being refuelled.


The model has a number of animations activated by keys or trigger settings. The startup sequence is as follows:

Press the B key, the pilot on the ground enters the aircraft, and closes the canopy. The ladder vanishes and the pilot runs through the check sequence, starting the flashers, testing the elevators and engine nozzles. The engines start in sequence ready for takeoff.

  • The B key starts the engines, the engines start up in sequence;
  • The aircraft is able to flare on landing using the V key;
  • Deploy the fuel probe using the V key- the aircraft lifts higher to refuel and deploys the rear probe;
  • Issue smoke from the tyres on landing  (setting 4);
  • Use reverse thrust on engines for 10 seconds on landing, trigger setting 13;
  • Additional trigger setting can slow speed for landing (setting 14, and stop the aircraft after landing (setting 9);
  • Night lighting L key.

KC-10A Extender  kuid2:60238:9821:1
Aircraft Action Trigger  kuid2:76656:24050:1