The Sukhoi Su-35S is a single-seat twin-engine supermaneuverable multirole Russian fighter, developed from the Su-27. It has an estimated top speed of 1490 kph, but the model travels at a much lower speed in Trainz.

This is a startup model, it is animated and is able to fire missiles. Hardpoints on the aircraft will accept a number of Russian missiles as products, this can be changed in Surveyor, including the animated missiles.


This is the missile loadout to the various hardpoints on the aircraft. The initial missile load from the outer wing tip is, Archer, Adder, Kedge, Krypton, Adder and Kingbolt under the fuselage. The diagram shows the available choices of approved missiles, that can be made in Surveyor.

su-35 loadout

The models have a number of animations activated by keys or trigger settings. The startup sequence is as follows:

Press the B key, the pilot on the ground enters the aircraft, and closes the canopy. The ladder vanishes and the pilot runs through the check sequence, starting the flashers, testing the elevators and engine nozzles. The engines start in sequence ready for takeoff.

  • The B key starts the engines, the exhausts light up in sequence;
  • The aircraft is able to flare on landing using the V key;
  • Fire missiles on four of the hardpoints, in sequence, H key.
  • Deploy the fuel probe if the Aircraft Action Trigger is placed on the track and set to trigger setting 10.
  • Issue smoke from the tyres on landing  (setting 4);
  • Additional trigger setting can slow speed for landing (setting 14, and stop the aircraft after landing (setting 9);
  • Night lighting L key.

Three static versions are available, they do not have any numbers on the sides of the fuselage.

  • Static 1: with the ladder in place and the canopy open;
  • Static 2:  canopy closed and no ladder, no missiles;
  • Static 3:  canopy closed no ladder, fully loaded with missiles.

Sukhoi Su-35S  kuid2:60238:9815:1
Aircraft Action Trigger  kuid2:76656:24050:1
Sukhoi Su-35S Static 1   kuid2:60238:26333:1
Sukhoi Su-35S Static 2   kuid2:60238:26334:1
Sukhoi Su-35S Static 3   kuid2:60238:26335:1

See the Aircraft Products page for details of the missiles and how to alter the mix on the aircraft.