The Vickers Viscount is a British turboprop airliner first flown in 1948 The model is the later 800 series.  The aircraft has an automatically operating landing gear. This retracts at takeoff speed (210 kph) set in the script. It lowers at speeds below 210 kph. The flaps operate automatically after rolling and up to 200 kph. The speeds for tilting, flap retraction and landing gear retraction on takeoff may be altered in the string table of the config file – speeds are in kph.

The aircraft does not have an operating interior, but does have various exterior views based on an invisible interior, use the [ and ] keys from the interior view and will load passengers at suitable airports. A feature is the improved interior and night lighting, see day and night pictures below.

The models have a number of animations activated by keys or trigger settings:

  • The B key starts the engines, the engines start up in sequence;
  • The V key flares the aircraft for landing (trigger setting 3);
  • Open passenger door, H key;
  • The flaps operate automatically at speeds below 200 kph;
  • Issue smoke from the tyres on landing  (trigger setting 4);
  • Additional trigger settings can slow speed for landing (trigger setting 14), and stop the aircraft after landing (trigger setting 9).

Vickers Viscount British Airways  kuid2:60238:9832:1
Aircraft Action Trigger  kuid2:76656:24050:1