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The Canadair 415 is a large amphibian aircraft, known as the Superscooper and now under Bombardier. It was introduced in 1993 and is used for fire fighting by dropping water from the fuselage.  It is used in many countries, and can scoop up a full load (6140 kg) from open waterways.

The model is for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and will land on water or lower its wheels for use on land.  The animations for the model are activated by keys or track triggers:

  • The B key starts or stops the engines, the engines start up in sequence;
  • Retract or lower wheels for landing on water, H key or trigger setting 2 or trigger setting 15;
  • Drop water for water bombing for the time defined in the string table, V key or trigger setting 3;
  • Issue smoke from the tyres on landing, or issues water spray for landing on water  (trigger setting 4) – (if the wheels are up, it will automatically issue water spray for landing on water);
  • Additional trigger settings can slow speed for landing (trigger setting 14), and stop the aircraft after landing (trigger setting 9).

Canadair CL-415  kuid2:60238:9847:1
Aircraft Action Trigger  kuid2:76656:24050:1