dh3c_turbo101 dh3c_turbo100

The DHC-3 aircraft is very popular in Canada, this is the Turbo Otter version as a float plane and a land based plane.

The float plane model requires track placed 3 metres above water level. The animations for keys or triggers are:

  • The B key starts or stops the engines, the engines start up in sequence;
  • Flare for landing, V key, or trigger setting 3;
  • Passenger door is opened with the H key;
  • Issue water spray effects from the floats when landing or taking off  (trigger setting 4) – activation time may be changed in the string table;
  • Deploy wheels for moving on to land, trigger setting 10;
  • Operate engine reverse sound, trigger setting 13;
  • Additional trigger settings can slow speed for landing (trigger setting 14), and stop the aircraft after landing (trigger setting 9).

For the land based model, the tyres issue smoke on landing.

DHC-3 Harbour Air  kuid2:60238:9848:1
DHC-3 Alaska Air Taxi  kuid2:60238:9849:1
Aircraft Action Trigger  kuid2:76656:24050:1