Aircraft Standards

  • Aircraft operate on invisible track, my thin line red, green, blue and purple track is available. This will show in Surveyor and in the minimap but not in Driver when the aircraft are operating. Invisible speed signs are available to manage aircraft speed, again, invisible in driver. The aircraft will operate under Artificial Intelligence (AI), you will need to place a system of speed signs and invisible signals. Special AI rules for the aircraft are available to operate animations under AI.
  • The aircraft tilt on curves, the angle is based on the rate of curvature, and it commences above a set speed. This allows the aircraft to remain level while taxiing on curved track, below the tilt speed. Some aircraft lift the tail to take off, and this is automatically controlled in the scripts.
  • They have automatic retractable landing gear, this retracts at a speed set in the config file string table, and this and the tilt speed is user changeable by editing the config file.
  • The aircraft do not have an operating interior, there are no operating cab levers, but the aircraft will operate under cab control. They do have various exterior views based on an invisible interior, using the [ and ] keyboard keys while in interior view.
  • Many aircraft will load and unload passengers and goods at suitable airports, and have night lighting and animation effects.
  • The keyboard keys H, B and V can be used on most aircraft to operate animations such as gun sounds, flaps and spoilers, landing chutes, folding wings and other animations. These may also be triggered by a special Aircraft Action Trigger for placement on the track. See the individual aircraft details for information on these attributes.

About The Aircraft

The menu on the right lists most of the available aircraft. It provides details of each aircraft, the animations available and the operating keys for each. Keys H, B and V usually operate guns, missiles, doors and other animations on military aircraft, and flaps and wing spoliers on some commercial aircraft. Some do aerobatics or flare on landing.

The newer propeller driven aircraft use a startup function, where initially the engines and propellers are idle. The B key will start or stop the engines and propellers. Helicopters use the B key to start engines and the H key to lift off or land. Please read the aircraft config file description for individual key and trigger settings.

Because the same track trigger number may trigger flaps on commercial aircraft but missiles on military, you can use different runways, two are available. Additionally, the trigger can be set to train priority, so if commercial and military aircraft are given a different priority, the trigger will ignore inappropriate aircraft on the same track or runway.

You will also find additional assets, airports, products, triggers and similar that are useful or necessary for operation.

Models are now released as a minimum build 2.9. They do function in TS2009, TS2010 and TS12.

Some of the older aircraft will be updated to operate in TS12 or to have new features.