Category: Airports and Runways

Rega Heliport Lausanne

Rega is a privately run, non-profit foundation, providing rescue services in Switzerland. The operations performed by the Lausanne base include road and sports accidents, interhospital transfer flights and the transport of...

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Baggage Carts

These are three baggage carts, as static scenery items, suitable for station platforms but also found at some airports. The first is not loaded, the second is loaded with cartons and papers, and the third has travel luggage....

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Airport Runways

  Two runway models in bitumen and concrete surfacing are available. They are 1000 metres long and have four attached tracks, one for normal take off, one for short takeoff, one for landing and one for touch and go operations....

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Airport Pushback Tractors

Thse are traincar models (drivable), the first is used to push back larger aircraft from the terminal. As the wheelbase of these aircraft is large, and track curves may be tight, the pushback bar may not always align with the...

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Airport Taxiway Components

A number of models are available to make a taxiway in either bitumen or concrete finish. They include fixed track switches (junctions) 90 degree and 60 degree turnouts, T sections, splines and 90 degree curved sections....

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Airport Terminal

An overhead view of the International terminal showing the use of the taxiway connections from components. It loads passengers and has a control tower. Invisible track as part of the model allows the aircraft to taxi to the...

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