Drivable Aircraft Re-skin Tutorial

by Rob725


In recent years I have concentrated on aircraft models for Trainz, both commercial and military. These are able to be controlled or flown on invisible track, with a number of animations to control the models. Users often ask for a different livery for the aircraft, especially commercial ones.

I have given general permission for users to re-skin my aircraft models, provided some acknowledgement of the original model ownership is made in the config file description, and the models are uploaded to the Auran Download Station, for others to enjoy and to make finding the models easy. For re-skinning other Trainz models that I have released I have requested that user contact me for permission. In this way, many different models are then available, and I am free to develop new models.

A number of users do re-skin my models, Pascal (Papou)and Rob725 are very active in this area. To encourage others to try re-skinning Rob has prepared a tutorial that should explain many of the particular aspects in re-skinning my aircraft. The tutorial is available as a download at the bottom of the page, again this is all Rob’s work and is appreciated.

Rob’s Tutorial

The introduction explains his ideas:

This is a user’s guide to performing a re-skin (also known as a re-paint) on specifically Trainz drivable aircraft models by Vulcan. These techniques may apply to other assets as well (including the equivalent static/scenery aircraft models). The intent is to give some helpful hints to users wanting to try a re-skin and also ensure that all the necessary activities are completed. This will hopefully maintain some consistency with the aircraft models available on Download Station (DLS). The example re-skin is the Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200

This tutorial includes various techniques used in generating a re-skin but they are by no means the only ways. It also explains the necessary modifications to the config.txt file for a re-skinned aircraft.

Regular re-skinners have their own particular preferences. This document should at the very least give you some options and make you aware of the various methods available. Many of the techniques are learned from Ian (Vulcan) who knows what works best for his models & Pascal (Papou) who is responsible for so many of the aircraft re-skins available on DLS.

Re-skinning with Trainz 10 & 12 are the only versions covered by this document. There are some subtle variations between the two and those will be captured along the way.

Thank you Rob for your work.