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Trainz is a computer simulation for designing and operating a railroad, representing a model railroad layout or a version of a real railroad. The simulation allows track laying, scenicing the route and placement of structures and accessories.

With the placement of rolling stock, the simulation can be operated in a realistic manner. Additional modules and updates are being provided by the designers, an Australian company Auran, as an ongoing commitment to the product.

Auran has enabled others to create 3D models for inclusion in the game. These models can include structures, objects, track and rolling stock to make the simulation more than a game, and enable many in the Trainz community to enjoy it as an ongoing hobby. Models are created with 3DSMax or the free gmax program. Most of these models have been provided free to the community and are hosted on the official Auran Trainz
Download Station, and other community web pages.

The latest version Trainz TS2009 include updated code and enhancements. You can download additional content from the Auran Download Station, compatible with the different versions.

While some versions of the game may be available for purchase through retail outlets, the latest version is available from the official website of Auran, for purchase through the Internet.

My website includes details of models, screen shots and free downloads of models that I have designed and provided. Models are compatible with TRS2004 and some are also designed for the later versions. Details of new projects being developed are also shown on this site. The downloadable files are held only on the Auran Download Station. I have provided direct links for downloading of those files, in many instances, on the webpages. You need to have a copy of Trainz registered with Auran to have access to files on the Download Station. You will only be able to download a file version that is compatible with the Trainz version installed on your computer.

My model files are released free of charge for your own use. You may not redistribute or host the model on any website without my express permission. The Auran Download Station is permitted to host the model when uploaded by me.

No profit is to be gained from the use of the model.

Copyright of the models and original textures remains with Ian Manion (Vulcan)