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The aircraft are driveable models in Trainz, using invisible track, and with a number of animations that enable realistic flying.


Aircraft Standards - All Aircraft

  • The aircraft tilt on curves, the angle is based on the rate of curvature, and it commences above a set speed. This allows the aircraft to remain level while taxiing on curved track, below the tilt speed. Many aircraft lift the tail to take off, and this is automatically controlled in the scripts.

  • They have automatic retractable undercarriages, these retract at a speed set in the config file string table, and this and the tilt speed is user changeable. Landing gear for some earlier aircraft used a pantograph model, this has some limitations in Trainz under AI, so is being replaced progressively for those models.

  • The aircraft do not have an operating interior, there are no operating cab levers, but the aircraft will operate under cab control. They do have various exterior views based on an invisible interior, using the [ and ] keyboard keys while in interior view.

  • Many aircraft will load and unload passengers and goods at suitable airports, and have night lighting and animation effects.

  • The keyboard keys H, B and V can be used on most aircraft to operate animations such as gun sounds, flaps and spoilers, landing chutes, folding wings and other animations. These may also be triggered by a special Aircraft Action Trigger for placement on the track. See the individual aircraft details below for information on these attributes.

About This Page - Commercial

These are the commercial aircraft models. The page lists most of the available aircraft. It provides details of each aircraft, the animations available and the operating keys for each. Keys H, B and V usually operate in flight announcements, flaps and spoilers on commercial aircraft. Some do aerobatics or flare on landing.
Please read the aircraft config file description for individual trigger settings

Because the same number may trigger flaps on commercial aircraft but missiles on military, you can use different runways, two are available. Additionally, the trigger can be set to train priority, so if commercial and military aircraft are given a different priority, the trigger will ignore inappropriate aircraft on the same runway.

Please also refer to the associated Aircraft - Military page for other aircraft, some of which may be used for both Military and Commercial use.

Models are now classified as build 2.7 for Trainz Classics. They do function in TS2009 and TS2010.

Tiger Moth Blue

Tiger Moth Biplane Aerobatic

This is the new aerobatic version. Using the V key it does a 360 degree anticlockwise roll then a clockwise 360 roll back again.

Using the B key, it does a 360 degree snap roll, pausing at each 90 degrees. The Aircraft Action trigger on the invisible track can also be set to channel number 3 and 2 to trigger these automatically.

Two commercial paint schemes are available, refer to the Military page for details of those versions.

Tiger Moth Aerobatic

Tiger Moth Biplane Aerobatic

The aerobatic model doing a roll just before landing, I haven't seen the pilot lately, I think he was grounded after that one!


Sunderland Flying Boat - Ansett

The Sunderland was used for operation by Ansett airlines from Rose Bay Sydney to Lord Howe Island. It operates on invisible track 3 metres above water level.

The aircraft will load or unload passengers at my modified City Cat landings. A new track further from the dock has been added to the models.

The model is based on the original mesh by Dreddmann, with thanks.

DC3 Australian

Douglas C47 in Australian Colours

A large number of the DC3 aircraft were built, this is third model, the C47 version.

Hercules USCG

Hercules C130 of the United States Coast Guard Service

The Coast Guard uses an eye catching colour scheme.

Hercules USCG

Hercules C130 of the USCG

The rear cargo door operates using the V key. The aircraft will load general goods and passengers at suitable airports.

Qantas 747-400

Qantas 747-400 Longreach

The aircraft will load passengers, and has animated retractable landing gear, but no interiors.

Alitalia 747-243B

Alitalia 747-234B

Other airlines available are:

Air New Zealand
United Airlines
KLM and
Air Force One

Static versions are available, except Air Force One.

Airport runway

Airport Runways

Two runway models in bitumen and concrete surfacing are available. They are 1000 metres long and have four attached tracks, one for normal take off, one for short takeoff, one for landing and one for touch and go operations.

It is an industry model, so under AI, you can direct the aircraft to various stopping positions, taxiway on hold, take off hold, landing stop and taxiway off hold for both the normal takeoff track and a short takeoff track.

You need to place speed limits to control the taxi speed of aircraft, my invisible speed signs are suitable. You need signaling for use under AI.

Runway Diagram

Runway Attached Tracks

The four tracks on the runway (the white area) are close to the centreline. They have appropriate slopes for approach glide slope and take off incorporated.

The diagram shows how the attached tracks are arranged:
Blue: landing
Green: takeoff track
Red: touch and go
Purple: short takeoff

You need to place your own invisible track to connect, make a return loop and junctions to change over to the different tracks.

Airport Runway Lights

Airport Runway Lights

The runway has night lighting, here the Singapore Airlines A380 version is landing

Aircraft Action Trigger for Aircraft

Boat has kindly made a track trigger that will activate animations and other effects on the aircraft, kuid 76656:24050. Placed on the track, it is set to 10 different "effects" by numbers. The first three I use to trigger flaps, wing spoilers, missiles, or cargo doors etc, and can be controlled by the user as well:

number 1: horn or H key
number 2: bell or B key
number 3: sanding or V key.

Aircraft Action Trigger

Aircraft Action Trigger 2

Number 4 to 10 are used to trigger other specialised animations, these have different effects for different aircraft, for example, on landing, number 4 triggers smoke and tyre squeal.

Because the same number may trigger flaps on commercial aircraft but missiles on military, you can use different runways, two are available. Additionally, the trigger can be set to train priority, so if commercial and military aircraft are given a different priority, the trigger will ignore inappropriate aircraft on the same runway.

Refer to each aircraft config file to see which number corresponds to which effect on the aircraft, and see Boat's trigger information.

Thanks to Boat for this very useful trigger.

Airbus 380 Qantas

Qantas Airbus A380

The A380 Airbus in Qantas colours. It will load passengers and has retractable landing gear.

It has separately operated wing flaps and air spoilers that can be operated manually on landing or by the Aircraft Action Trigger.

The A380s also include night lighting and with the track trigger, smoke and tyre squeal is emitted from the landing gear, number 4 trigger setting

The A380 is also available in Singapore Airlines and Airfrance livery.

Airbus 380 Qantas landing gear

Qantas Airbus A380 Landing Gear

The retractable landing gear is a complicated animation, automatically operated at takeoff and landing speeds.

The speeds at which tilt or banking takes place, and the landing gear retraction (takeoff speed), can be altered by the user in the aircraft config file.

Static versions of the A380s are available.

Airport Pushback Tractor

Airport Pushback Tractor

This is a traincar model, used to push back larger aircraft from the terminal. As the wheelbase of these aircraft is large, and track curves may be tight, the pushback bar may not always align with the front landing gear of the aircraft, but nevertheless it is realistic.

The model has animated wheels, and can be driven to the aircraft to push back from the terminals. The vehicle users running numbers to individually number them.

Airport Taxiway Components

Airport Taxiway Components

A number of models are available to make a taxiway in either bitumen or concrete finish. They include fixed track switches (junctions) 90 degree and 60 degree turnouts, T sections, splines and 90 degree curved sections.

The bitumen models are 24 metres wide and the concrete version is 18 metres wide, for smaller aircraft. The splines will join the sections or the runway or terminal models.

Clicking on the turnouts or runway models will display an HTML help file in Surveyor, on how to use the models effectively.

Airport Overhead View

Airport Terminal

An overhead view of the International terminal showing the use of the taxiway connections from components. It loads passengers and has a control tower.

Invisible track as part of the model allows the aircraft to taxi to the gates, and for the pushback tractor to navigate to any aircraft at gates 1 to 4. Gates 5 and 6 are for light aircraft, the two entrances at the top left of the picture.

A domestic and commercial version of the terminal is planned.

Airport Overhead View

Airport Terminal Modules

The airport terminal is also available in modular form so you may configure your own:

Module 1 - Main rectangular building:
Module 2 - Circular terminal plus track
Module 3 - Control Tower
Module 4 - Walkway spline main to terminal
Module 5 - Railway station
Module 6 - Yellow line for tarmac marking
Module 7 - Bitumen paving spline 40 by 40
Module 8 - Bitumen paving spline 80 by 40
Module 9 - Overhead flood lights
Module 10 - External stairway to ground
Module 11 - Terminal hub, no attached track
Module 12 - Passenger gate access to aircraft
Module 13 - Gate access as a spline

Airport Taxiway Components

Cessna 208 Caravan

The Cessna is the colour scheme of Big Island Air, Hawaii aircraft, N28IA. we had a chance to see the volcanoes in this aircraft while in Hawaii recently, so had to model this version.

The aircraft will do aerobatic rolls.

A Grand Caravan version for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is also available. The RFDS is a not for profit organisation, using aircraft like these in outback Australia to provide 24 hour medical services to remote localities.

Boeing 737 Aircraft, Continental Airways

Boeing 737 Aircraft

There are five models available for the 737 Each has operating landing gear and wing flaps. Versions available:

Qantas 737-838:
Continental 737-824
KLM 737-8K2
Air New Zealand 737- 3U3
Virgin 737-8FE

The picture shows the Continental version.

F-111 Aardvark Night

Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream has the ability to flare on landing and to activate the engine reverse thrust vanes.

A static versions is available.



The Concorde in flight. Air France, Singapore Airlines and British Airways livery are available.

While the real aircraft has a top speed of about Mach 2.04, the aircraft in Trainz has a maximum speed of about 580kph, it is too difficult to achieve these high speeds and have control over the aircraft.

Concorde landing

Concorde Landing

The aircraft flares on landing (B key or trigger setting 2) and the nose droops and the screen visor lowers (V key or trigger setting 3).

Catalina Flying Boat=

PBY Catalina Flying Boat

Two versions available, they operate on track set at ground level. The default placement is with the wheels down.

Landing gear retraction is manually operated by the B key, unlike other aircraft. The wing float retraction is operated by the V key.

Water level for aircraft and ship operation is 3 metres below ground level. All track is placed at ground level.

Catalina Flying Boat Operation=

Catalina Flying Boat B Key Operation

The B key retracts the wheels but also lowers the aircraft 3.9 metres relative to the track level. This allows it to land on ground with the wheels down but also land on water at the correct height with the wheels up.

This allows the Catalina to use the same track as the Sunderland.

Note the levels in the diagram. DO NOT operate the B key while the aircraft is sitting on the ground.

Catalina Flying Boat=

Boeing 767 Airliners

Different models of the 767 are available:

Qantas 767-400, though Qantas only operated the 300 series;
Air New Zealand 767-319;
Delta 767-332: and
British Airways 767-336.

Static versions are available.

Twin Otter Float Plane=

Twin Otter DH6 Float Plane

The Twin Otter fitted with floats, it operates on track set 3 metres above water level.

Boeing 727=

Boeing 727 Airliners

The models include:

Air France, 727-228 model shown;
DHL cargo, will load general goods;
Pan American 727-235; and
FedEx 727-235

Note: static version of most of the commercial airliners are available.

Mcdonnell Douglas MD 82=

McDonnell Douglas MD82 Airliners

These load passengers, four versions are available:

American, models shown;
Italia; and

Static versions are available.

Note: these are build 2.7 suitable for Trainz Classics. All my models are available on the Auran Download Station. As of the end of September 2010 the DLS will not accept models for a build less than 2.7.

Airbus A320 Tiger Airways

Airbus A320-226 Tiger Airways

The aircraft has operating flaps using the B key, auto retracting wheels and will load passengers.

An Air New Zealand version is available.

Lockheed Constellation

Lockheed Constellation of TWA

Most of the aircraft have been military or modern commercial. There is a need for some older aircraft that would be found in the steam period of trains. This is one of them.

It has an animated propeller at low speeds transitioning to a transparent disk propeller at higher speeds. It will flare for landing using the B key.

Fokker Friendship F27 Ansett

Fokker Friendship F27

Another older aircraft is the Fokker Friendship in Ansett Airlines of Australia colours.

It has an animated propeller at low speeds transitioning to a transparent disk propeller at higher speeds. It will flare for landing using the B key.

DC10 British Caledonian Airways

DC10 Models

The DC10 models include colour schemes for:

British Caledonian, shown here;
British Airways;
Swissair; and
Singapore Airlines.

They have operating flaps and retractable landing gear, but no night lighting. Static models are available.

De Havilland Dash 8 Qantas

De Havilland Dash 8-100 Qantas

The Dash 8 aircraft is a very common short haul carrier. It was built in three different length versions. It has an animated propeller at low speeds transitioning to a transparent disk propeller at higher speeds. It will flare for landing using the B key.

The model shown is in Qantas Link colours. Other aircraft for the Dash 8_311 and Dash 8_400 are available in the following:

Austrian Arrows;
Air New Zealand Link;
Lufthansa; and
Qantas Pink.

Airport Runway Signs

Airport Runway Signs

These are a set of re namable runway and taxiway signs used at airports.

They appear as Airport Runway Sign and a number in the Scenery menu. The numbering system refers to a list - place a sign and then click on it with the ? menu button to display an HTML page to explain the numbering system and list of signs.

Some allow you to type in runway or taxiway numbers. All are lit up at night, and height adjustable, so you can lower a sign into the ground to make the lamp head less obtrusive.

Vickers VC10

Vickers VC10

An older aircraft shown in the British Airways colours.

BAe 146

British Aerospace BAe 146

An interesting aircraft has operating wing flaps B key, and an operating rear tail air spoiler using the V key.

Shown in the Lufthansa Regional colours, also available in:

Ansett New Zealand:

Eurocopter Super Puma

Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma

A flyable helicopter, with a working interior. This model will load passengers at passenger enabled stations, such as the Heliport models.

Refer to the Oil Tankers and Rigs Project page for details on all helicopters.

Bell 412 Helicopter

Bell 412 EP Eurocopter

A flyable helicopter, with a working interior. This model will load passengers at passenger enabled stations, such as the Heliport models. refer to the Oil Tankers and Rigs Project page for details.

It drives in DCC or Cab mode and loads and unloads passengers, with operating doors

Bell 412 Helicopter Careflight

Bell Eurocopter Careflight

A medical version of the Eurocopter model, with a passenger in stretcher care.

Super Puma Swiss

Super Puma Static Model

Two static models of the Super Puma helicopter in Swiss Air force colours.

The first, numbered T341 is animated for rotor startup, run and stop. The animation cycle is 12 seconds and repeats automatically every 50 seconds.

The second helicopter, T342 has no animation.

Reaga EC145 Static Helicopter

Eurocopter EC145 Rega Static Models

Two static models of helicopters used in the REGA Emergency Ambulance Service, Switzerland.

The first, numbered HBZRB is animated for continuous rotor running. The second helicopter, HBZRD has no animation.

Both are height adjustable and panels light up at night - non drivable models only. A separate pilot (foreground) is also available as a scenery model.

Invisible Speed Signs

Invisible Track Speed Signs

Because the helicopters and aircraft are capable of high speed and have to stop on a small area, you may need to place speed signs to slow the helicopters down on landing.

The speed signs are visible in Surveyor and invisible in Driver. They place in the centre of the track, Speeds available (kph) on the DLS:


This makes them very useful for all vehicles using invisible track, or where the use of a visible speed sign at the side of the track is not prototypical, as in the use of Trams or Tramcar operations.

Download Station Links

Other aircraft are still under development.

Also ensure you retrieve the dependencies for the models.