The Dams – Additional Assets

To break up the water flow a concrete slab is placed at the bottom of the dam wall. Two assets will provide this service, Tailrace wet or dry, they are splines with a terminating concrete block at each end, the wet surface has a water texture finish.

When placing these splines near the dam wall splines, hold the Shift key down when moving or they may connect incorrectly to the wall splines.

The wide slab suitable for the switching yard has night lights.

A picnic area suitable for the dam site has a renameable sign. To assist in terrain colouring there is a ground texture available to match the concrete colour used in this project.

Additional Information

When placing water, try to place the dam walls along a grid line, so when placing water it is easier to separate the water levels behind and below the dam. The dam wall is wide enough to allow a 10 metre grid space between the two bodies of water, unfilled with water. Failure to have this gap results in the water levels becoming equal.

Available Assets



Dam Concrete Slab kuid:60238:38208
Dam Conc Slab Wide1 kuid:60238:38209
Dam Conc Slab Wide Lit kuid2:60238:38210:1
Dam Picnic Area kuid2:60238:26140:2
Dam Tailrace Dry kuid:60238:38202
Dam Tailrace Wet kuid2:60238:38203:2
Dam Concrete kuid2:60238:21133:1