Merivale Rail Bridge

The bridge crosses the Brisbane River near Milton and is dual track electrified. The main span is 133 metres long and the deck is suspended from the arches by thirty-two 94.5 mm diameter steel rope bridge cables. It was completed in 1979.

The model does not have overhead wire attached, the user will need to place catenary to suit.

The main model has four approach spans attached, and places as one object. Additional spline approach spans are also available. Set the bridge to the required height and raise the end of the approach span spline to suit.

The node points on the bridge and the approach span spline are to be connected by the user, using the same track type (no ballast) that is used on the bridge. The spline end is then moved towards the bridge to close the gap.

Available Assets



Merivale Bridge Brisbane River kuid2:60238:9045:1
Merivale Bridge Dual Gauge Brisbane River kuid2:60238:27516:1
Merivale Approach Spans kuid2:60238:38529:1
Merivale Approach Spans Dual Gauge kuid2:60238:38641:1