William Jolly Road Bridge

The William Jolly Bridge was constructed between 1928 and 1932, the arches are concrete encased steel, with the three major spans of arched ribs rising through the deck, span length 66.4 metres.

The William Jolly Bridge is a vehicular and pedestrian bridge over the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia. It is a steel frame arch bridge with an unusual concrete veneer and was opened to traffic on 30 March 1932 by Sir John Goodwin, the Governor of Queensland.

When opened, during the worst year of the Great Depression, the bridge was known simply as the Grey Street Bridge. It was renamed to the William Jolly Bridge on 5 July 1955 in memory of William Jolly, the first Lord Mayor of Greater Brisbane.

The four lane roadway is partly supported by hangers from the arches which project above the deck, and cross girders and stringers below.

The model bridge has three main spans and additional approach spans, all spans place as one model.

The approach spans are of a different design from the main spans. Connected traffic will not flow in the correct lanes unless the one way lane options in are used.

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