City Cat Ferries
Project Overview

These are the models of Ferries operating on the Brisbane River, and selected river bridges. Ferries include older designs, modern catamarans, and the ferry landing terminals along the river. They are passenger enabled to load passengers at the ferry landings.

In 2011 floods in the Brisbane river demolished a number of the landings and these have been rebuilt, with some being redesigned.

The models use coloured invisible track set at zero metres (ground level) and the water level at -3 metres. Generally a sea bed at -6 metres is sufficient, making the river banks not too steep. Adjust the height of the landings to suit, so the attached invisible track is at zero metres. A system of speed signs and invisible signals is required for AI operations.

The bridges include the Merrivale rail bridge, the William Jolly road bridge and the older Victoria road and tram bridge, now demolished.