Driveable catamaran City Cat ferries. The original vessel design will load 150 passengers, is 25 metres long and has a top speed of 30 knots, but is restricted to 26 knots for river use. This is a model of the earlier design catamaran.

 The mast navigation lights are the distinctive two pulse flasher as used on the ferry and the ferry is passenger enabled.

The interior views in the City Cats are cycled using the [ and ] keys.

The ferry is renamable with a choice of eight names and associated serial numbers, to match those vessels in service. They are named after the Aboriginal place names for various parts of the Brisbane River and adjacent areas. The names that can be selected in Surveyor are:

Barrambin (Bowen Hills)
Baneraba (Toowong)
Binkinba (New Farm)
Kurilpa (West End)
Mianjin (Gardens Point)
Mirbarpa (Indooroopilly)
Mooroolbin (Hamilton Sandbank) and
Tugulawa (Bulimba)

Available Assets



City Cat Ferry kuid2:60238:9514:3
City Cat Ferry Static kuid2:60238:38551:2