City Cat Landing Terminals

The landing terminals have three attached tracks, for passenger operations for the Brisbane ferries. The Inner track is 3 metre from the landing for narrow ferries such as the John Oxley, and the middle track is 4.5 metres from the landing for the wider City Cat. A third track further from the lanidng stage is suitable for larger river craft, and the Catalina Flying Boat aircraft.

The height of the terminals is adjusted so the invisible track is set 3 metres above water level. Additional invisible track is attached for the ferry operation.

There are 14 terminal models available based on the actual terminals on the Brisbane river.

Available Assets



City Cat Landing Guyatt Park kuid2:60238:38530:2
City Cat Landing Bulimba kuid2:60238:38532:2
City Cat Landing Hawthorne kuid2:60238:38533:2
City Cat Landing Regatta kuid2:60238:38536:2
City Cat Landing Thornton kuid2:60238:38537:2
City Cat Landing Holman St kuid2:60238:38538:2
City Cat Landing North Quay kuid2:60238:38539:2
City Cat Landing Gardens Point kuid2:60238:38540:2
City Cat Landing Eagle Street kuid2:60238:38541:2
City Cat Landing University Qld kuid2:60238:38542:2
City Cat Landing Bretts Wharf kuid2:60238:38543:2
City Cat Landing Apollo Road kuid2:60238:38544:2
City Cat Landing Mowbray Park kuid2:60238:38545:2
City Cat Landing River Plaza kuid2:60238:38546:2