Pictures show a spline for a large dam wall, and connecting splines for spillways either dry or with flowing water. The wet spillway shows the water effects applied as a fixed object placed separately at the base of the spillway (splines themselves do not support smoke/spray effects).

A second spillway spline with the spillway gates closed (spillway dry), is included as an alternative addon. The dam wall has lights, and there are two wall heights available.

There are no tracks on the top of the dam, rail track or a road can be placed separately over the dam wall. Since the wall is also a spline, it is easier to place the track or road away from the wall, adjust the height then move the nodes over the wall top into final position.

Available Assets



Dam Wall kuid2:60238:38207:1
Dam Spillway Dry kuid:60238:38200
Dam Spillway Wet kuid2:60238:38201:2
Dam Wall Large kuid2:60238:38521:1
Dam Wall Large Spillway Dry kuid2:60238:38522:1
Dam Wall Large Spillway Wet kuid2:60238:38523:1