Dam Water Effects

The water effects are separate objects. A semi-transparent base to represent water at the base of the dam spillway has a number of smoke attachment points above and on it. The object can be placed in front of the spillway and height, rotation and position adjusted so the water (smoke) appears to emit from the wet face of the spillway.

There are three placeable effects for the dam of different heights, 20, 38 and 78 metres high, and an additional Waterfall effect for general use. The translucent base may be exposed above the water level, or sunk so it is invisible. The second picture shows the effects by themselves, to show the action,  the Waterfall effect on the far right of the picture emits more water (smoke) and is for general use on other waterfalls you may wish to construct.

The Water outlet shown is an object to simulate an overflow from the dam, it has the smoke effects already part of the object.

Note that smoke effects have a negative effect on the frame rates in Trainz, so they need to be used judicially.

Available Assets



Dam Flowing Water kuid:60238:27137
Dam Flowing Water Large kuid2:60238:27509:1
Dam Flowing Water Large 78 metres kuid2:60238:27509:2
Dam Flowing Water Medium 38 metres kuid2:60238:27137:2
Dam Flowing Water Small kuid:60238:27141
Dam Flowing Water Small 20 metres kuid2:60238:27141:2
Waterfall Effect kuid:60238:27146
Dam Outlet kuid2:60238:27124:1