Four Bay Ore Hopper Cars

A set of 40 foot four bay hoppers are available in a few roadnames. They are configured to carry coal or two types of iron ore. Some have an empty and loaded version when first placed. This assists in quickly placing a loaded train, the default load is Mineral (a red Iron Ore, used by my Ore Dock Loaders, Gantry Loader and Hulett Unloader), see below.

They have an animated load/unload sequence and the roadnames available are:

  • ATSF
  • BM
  • Burlington
  • C&O
  • EJ&E
  • Illinois Central
  • Lehigh Valley
  • Seaboard Coast Line
Available Assets



ATSF Empty kuid2:60238:15043:2
ATSF Loaded kuid2:60238:15044:2
BM Empty kuid2:60238:15045:2
BM Loaded kuid2:60238:15046:2
Burlington kuid2:60238:15052:1
C&O kuid2:60238:15057:1
EJ&E kuid2:60238:15055:1
Illinois Central kuid2:60238:15054:2
Lehigh Valley kuid2:60238:15053:1
Seaboard Coast Line kuid2:60238:15056:1
Product Configuration



Iron Ore kuid2:30671:9260111:2
Coal kuid:44179:60013
Mineral kuid2:86311:66:4