GG20B Green Goat Locomotive

The Railpower GG20B Green Goat is a low-emissions diesel hybrid switcher locomotive built by Railpower Technologies Corp. Railpower’s locomotives are all built using the frames of retired locomotives, my model uses the GP-9 as a base.

The model has a startup function, initially the engine is not running and the Engineer is outside the cab. Pressing the B key, the Engineer enters the cab and starts the engine. The B key will also stop the engines running, if stationary.

Note: if you fail to use the B key to start the engine, the normal engine sounds will cut in at low speed, but at very low speed, there will be periods of silence.

Thanks to MSGSapper on the Auran forum for research and sound files for the models.

The working interior has new instruments and a digital speedo, an operating fan and windscreen wipers. While it only has on cab, if you wish to have the haeadlights on the rear light up, you need be in cab mode,  inside, and press alt C to change to the rear cab (same as the front). L will operate the lights, or use the in-cab switches.

Two versions of the Blomberg B trucks are used – in weathered black for the Amtrak and Railpower models, and a very slightly weathered black for the BNSF models. The locomotives use the Alpha running numbering system, initially the locos do not display a number. In Surveyor, clcik the menu ? on the loco to enable the popup information screen where you can allocate a number. The Amtrak is a three digit number, the others are four.

These are the Railpower and Amtrak models, and a remote controlled slug unit for BNSF.

Available Assets



GG20B BNSF loco kuid2:60238:9776:1
GG20B Railpower kuid2:60238:9779:1
GG20B Amtrak kuid2:60238:9778:1
GG20B BNSF Slug Unit kuid2:60238:9780:1
GG20B BNSF Interior kuid2:60238:10010:1
GG20B Railpower Interior kuid2:60238:10012:1
GG20B Amtrak Interior kuid2:60238:10011:1
Blomberg B Bogey Weathered Black kuid2:60238:50027:1
Blomberg B Bogey Black kuid2:60238:50028:1
Aircraft Engine Start Command kuid2:60238:80004:1