The Lethbridge viaduct is a Canadian steel trestle and truss span rail bridge. The bridge was built by the CPR in 1907-09 across the Belly River (Old Man River) in Alberta Canada. The longest steel railway bridge of its type in the world, it has 44 palte girder spans of 20.4 metres, 22plate girder spans of 30.14 metres and one deck lattice truss span of 50.9 metres.

The main spans were constructed using a large erection traveler. Maximum height of the bridge is 105 metres, and total length of the structure is 1935 metres.

The models place as three splines, the first is a spline of the deck girder spans. the second is of the truss span, and if you wanted to have the bridge under construction, the third spline is of the construction stage.

For a working bridge a number of approach spans would be placed with the girder spline, a single lattice truss span would be connected, then more girder spans connected after that. Picture one shows a completed bridge. Picture two shows the main truss span, and picture three shows the bridge being extended during construction.

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