The oil or LNG is unloaded from the tanker ships at the refinery model. The loading tubes on the facility are animated and the amount of oil in the tanks is indicated by a gauge on the side of the front tank.

Oil and LNG are unloaded on the same track at the wharf, but at different points. The refinery process accepts crude oil and LNG, processes crude oil to diesel and delivers oil, diesel and LNG to tank cars.

The ships will stop reasonably accurately at loading points if the speed is low, the rail tank cars use the animated pipe system which does not depend on accuracy.

When operating under AI, if the ships or helicopters tend to overshoot due to high approach speeds use invisible speedboards (speedsigns) as required. My invisible 10kph speedsign (invisible in driver) placed at the centre of the loader track will interact as the bow of a ship passes, slowing the ship sufficently.

Helicopters will require speed signs placed earlier than the oil rig or heliport landing areas or they will overshoot.